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Postitas 06/02/11 Intervjuud | Veel artistilt:

Loch Lomond. Copyright © Frederic Giet. All rights reserved. Buy This Print on Gilderic’s Deviantart

Täna on see päev, mil mul on au esitleda teile sellist suuuurepärast bändi kui on Loch Lomond. Loch Lomond tuleb USA-st ning teeb väga erilist, mõnusat ja chilli muusikat. Millist? Seda lugege alt poolt..

Küsimustele vastas Ritchie Young (pildil keskmine tegelane).

Loch Lomond – Wax And Wire

Hi, Ritchie, how are you?

I am very well, I am sitting in a small ski village in the Cascade
Mountain range in Oregon for vacation. It is very cold and my lips are
stained red from too much wine.

If you had to inspire people to listen your music, how would you do that, what would you say?

I feel as if we write music that can stand on its own two feet. We try as hard as we can to be ourselves and not to steal other peoples style. We are proud of what we do and I believe you can hear this in our songs.

What kind of music do you do?

Chamber Pop

Why do you do that kind of music?

I think everyone around the world is tired of hearing the same thing
again and again. We were tired of beating a dead horse so we try to be

Where does your inspiration come from?

Our song writing inspiration comes from what we hear, see, smell
and feel around us from the moment we are born to the last song we
write before we die.

Does songwriting come easily for you? If I told you to write a song
about me right now, could you?

Yes I could but I would want to talk with you and get a feel for
what you are all about. Like how you treat people, what do you love?
What are your secrets? What makes you smile? Stuff like that.

What’s the story with your band’s name?

A lake in Scotland is called Loch Lomond. We just thought it sounded pretty.

Loch Lomond’s roots, history, story of the making.

Loch Lomond started out as a solo project. I played with over 30
people trying to find the right people to make a band. I have found
them and love them dearly.

Where have you had the most concerts? The best and the worst place,
you have given concerts at?

We tour the United States often and have toured the UK. There are no
bad places just finding the right crowd of people that are patient and
willing to actually pay attention.

A place, where you haven’t played your music yet, but you really want to?

Estonia! Have us over!

Any songs you recommend?

I recomend The Generationals, When They Fight. The Brothers Young,
Good Deeds. and anything by Ages and Ages or Typhoon.

Where can we buy your CD?

Itunes or

Does your music have any message? What is it?

Yes look around you, breathe, don’t worry about small shit, smile
every once and a while because you have a very long long time to not
when you are dead.

What kind of instruments do you use?

Voice, acoustic guitar, bells and more bells, viola, cello, piano,
saw, stand up drums, mandolin, bass harmonica and many more.

A fact your listeners should definitely know about you?

We have never been to Estonia and want very much to.

What are your fans like?

They are very sweet, nice and informed people.

What do you think, which gender makes more love songs, men or women?

In the history of popular music? Men definitely men. Woman are just
better at it.

What is love?

Darling if you can tell me that, I would love to know! My best guess
is the thing that makes you feel truly alive and at the same time
scares the shit out of you.

Do you sing in the shower?

Ha yes yes I do I love it actually. Who does not like to sing in the shower?

What do you do outside the band?

I own and run a music venue in Portland Oregon that is a former
funeral home. The Woods

How famous are you in the USA?

No, we are not famous, too many people in our country are fame
obsessed. We have fans and we have opportunities.

Nonii, eestlased, mis arvate, kas täidame Loch Lomondi suure soovi ning toome nad Eestisse esinema?!?!

Thank you, Loch Lomond, for those great answers!

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